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The list of features that this company offers is also standard. I tried to work with LimeFX and I am satisfied in general. I traded with other brokers that offered better conditions in my opinion. At the same time, I don’t have anything bad to say about this company. An investor simulator is one of the most interesting features, but it is not for me because I have trading experience. It has an interface that is understandable for beginners and every feature can be accessed in a few clicks.

  1. The only difference is seen through the commissions.
  2. Regulatory status is the most critical criteria of broker reliability.
  3. It does not mean, however, that said broker is a fraud.
  4. For all intents and purposes, we would describe the technology in greater detail in the succeeding segment.

Traders can transact from any point across the globe. There was a mobile application before, but now, LimeFX proposes to trade on the web platform should traders elect to use their smartphones to sell. Not an automatic sign of the broker being a scammer, suspicions against it will grow due to frequency. Additionally, scammers can ignore questions from clients, especially if these troubles come from them. Firstly, traders are protected by the Investor Simulator.

LimeFX Customer Reviews

While dealers are not scammers, this throws the reliability of certain companies. It is recommendable not to collaborate with such intermediaries. LimeFX’s trading conditions range from average to outstanding. Traders need only a minimum of 500 dollars to start trading.

If traders combine a VIP Account with an Investor Simulator, fewer risks are experienced. Traders are guaranteed of being able to buy financial assets at desirable prices. Volatile assets are at an advantage here, as well as buyers interested in such instruments. LimeFX provides several types of accounts for traders with varying capitals depending on what each version offers. LimeFX dispels fears traders might have by bringing in legitimate, reliable trading services novice traders themselves can easily navigate through.

A perusal of these facets above seeks to prove why LimeFX is far from being a scam. LimeFX offers many additional services, one of which is an educational center where people of all nationalities can learn trading. We know of two types of intermediaries in any financial market. Now, LimeFX’s scope of territories has grown vastly, its services steadily advancing. At present, people from Russia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet countries are already able to conduct trades through LimeFX. The list of countries only gets longer with every passing day.

In general, they were written by people who do not mind working with LimeFX, while thinking that LimeFX has some areas to improve on. There are many positive reviews on LimeFX. We only chose three to not inundate readers with information. In general, positive reviews are not as crucial as neutral and negative ones. Therefore, let us take a look at the less optimistic opinions. LimeFX offers an Islamic account as well.

Also called Swap-Free accounts, LImeFX opted to offer Islamic Accounts for Muslims who want to trade but at the same time not go against Sharia Law. Traders who want to activate an Islamic account need to contact their personal managers. After these steps, traders may already commence trading through LimeFX. Traders are then recommended to try out LimeFX’s Investor Simulator for two weeks.

What account to open on LimeFX

Gold accounts guarantee a full market review, running well into an hour. Let us look at the facts stated in these LimeFX Customer reviews. These are significant to us if we want to ascertain the reliability of this company. LimeFX’s most expensive account type requires $50,000 as a first deposit after registration on the LimeFX.com site.

LimeFX’s Standout Features

I really liked the investor simulator feature. Thanks to it, I managed to get some of my money back. After I invested them in the market again, I managed to significantly increase my capital. I tried their investor simulator, and this feature is fantastic. I lost all my money, but the broker returned them to me.

Additionally, they are given an opportunity to have real profit as if it were in a real account. LimeFX has significant experience in trading technologies, making it an authority of the field. LimeFX did not start providing financial services right away.

Traders can conduct trades at the comfort of a resort without compromising quality trades. The platform is compatible with all computers and smartphones, thanks to its web interface. Here are some LimeFX reviews aimed at creating a complete understanding if LimeFX is a scam or not. Many people want to explain why Forex is a scam.

LimeFX Review: A Short History of the Broker

I don’t see any reasons to trade with this company. I tried to do it, withdrew my first deposit, and now I am not going to work with them. This strongly suggests branding LimeFX fraud a complete fabrication, an ill-conceived notion not anchored to any basis in reality.

LimeFX Forex Review: Types of Accounts

Not your typical brokerage firm, limefx impresses with its numerous offers, painting itself a positive picture worthy of traders’ trust. However, doubt and misgivings are endemic to attitudes within the trading industry. Assumptions are quickly drawn when people get wind of LimeFX in conversations. Questions are asked with unclear intentions.

Usually, positive reviews are written by clients who had found satisfaction in their avialed services. Positive reviews do carry the risk of being fraudulent as companies can easily buy them. Hence, positive reviews are not entirely reliable as we would like to think. Trading is a really great way to earn money. Traders can be confident about their success, but it is stressed that polished skills increase one’s income significantly, not mere luck. If one really puts in work, the chances of being a successful trader are achievable.

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